Naemuti commented on a mIRC Addon, Channel Designer  -  Dec 07, 2006

And now for some real comments that will actually help people improve the script instead of patronizing them:

First makes more sense to make on on dialog event and then use $devent and $did. For example:

On :Dialog:design::*:{
if ($devent == init) {
if ($did == 0 {

Also, I don\'t see the point of the echo in the on join event. The dialog also could use some alignment, and could be easier to use. The one cool point of this is the topic styles. One last thing, your readme assumes that everyone uses C:\Program Files\mirc.

Try these suggestions and it\'ll be a lot better. You could also add more options, such as botserv and chanserv (for some networks) and make the topics customizable. This has potential.

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