Meta commented on a Page, Roulette need help script only work for mods/broadcaster  -  Jul 25, 2014

This block:

if ($nick isop #) {
    var %randmods = $rand(1,1)
    if (%randmods == 1) msg $chan Nazi mods are only released upon spam DansGame you know that $nick ...

Is essentially just:

if ($nick isop #) msg $chan Nazi mods are only released upon spam DansGame you know that $nick ...

I'm not sure if that's what you want, or you're just saving that block for more options later, but anyway.

You're missing a { after if (%randnumber == 1), and you will need to close the event with a third } at the end. The else in else (%randnumber == 3) should also be changed to elseif. Finally, you're missing the (I presume) msg command before $chan for both /timeouts

dcease  -  Jul 25, 2014

Oh yeah I think you're right, but this script only works for mods anyways which it isnt supposed to. And the if ($nick isop#) cmd/msg is a good thing, ill use that.

dcease  -  Jul 25, 2014

Also, so every other randnumber should start with elseif and not if or else? I got told that 1st randnumber is if second is else and third is elseif.

I think this will help me a lot also with my other scripts. Thank you very much

Meta  -  Jul 25, 2014

Yes. Generally speaking, when it comes to a group of conditions, the first of the group should be an if, the last an else, and any middle conditions, elseif.

By the way, your code should ultimately look like this with my changes:

On *:TEXT:!Roulette:#: {
  if ((%floodroulette) || ($($+(%,floodroulette.,$nick),2))) { return }
  set -u1 %floodroulette On
  set -u1 %floodroulette. $+ $nick On
  if ($nick isop #) msg $chan Nazi mods are only released upon spam DansGame you know that $nick ...
  else {
    var %randnumber = $rand(1,4)
    if (%randnumber == 1) {
      msg $chan BANG!... The gun TRIGGERS! and a bullet goes off... $nick is shaking so badly that it MISSES him but hits some metal and reflects back into $nick's head. 
      msg $chan /timeout $nick 120
    elseif (%randnumber == 2) { 
      msg $chan Roulette clicks!...Empty...You live to see another day $nick pew....
    elseif (%randnumber == 3) { 
      msg $chan ..... BANG! ... Roulette kills another victim BibleThump 
      msg $chan /timeout $nick 120
    elseif (%randnumber == 4) {
      msg $chan $nick starts to shake, $nick tries to pull the trigger but can't. $nick drops the gun, $nick isn't up for the challenge... Roulette. 

I've left the last condition (elseif (%randnumber == 4)) in, in case you want to add more options later on. If not, you could just change that entire part to else (without the (%randnumber == 4))

Edit - Accidentally left in that pointless %randmods var... Removed

dcease  -  Jul 25, 2014

The script you send there, somehow it gave myself / dcease the mod message, I tried some stuff in mIRC and now it works perfectly fine. Like it bans me when i'm no mod, and I can use the command !roulette and it works. MANY THANKS <3

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