nox` commented on a Page, Admin DIalog DCX  -  Jun 11, 2014

I do not understand why use dcx?
You can make your dialog without dcx

it lacks a bracket in your code

lines 19-20 :
xdid -C $dname 2 +bk $rgb(0,0,0)
xdid -C $dname 4 +bk $rgb(0,0,0)

-> xdid -C $dname 2,4,+bk 0

alias Admin_Dialog !dialog $iif($dialog(Admin_Dialog),-x,-ma) Admin_Dialog Admin_Dialog

alias Admin_Dialog_cb {
  if $1 == Admin_Dialog {
    if $2 == sclick && $status == connected {
      if ($istok(3 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14,$3,32)) mode %channe $replace($3,3,+q,6,-q,7,+a,8,-a,9,+o,10,-o,11,+h,12,-h,13,+v,14,-v) %nickname
      if ($istok(15 16,$3,32)) $replace($3,15,sajoin,16,sapart) %nickname %channel 
      if ($3 == 17) cs set founder %channel %nickname
      if ($istok(18 19,$3,32)) cs set Securefounder %Channel $replace($3,18,on,19,off)
      if ($3 == 20) cs REGISTER %channel
      if ($3 == 21) cs DROP %channel %Channel
      if ($istok(22 23,$3,32)) cs mode %Channel SET $replace($3,22,+P,23)
      if ($istok(24 25,$3,32)) cs set secure %channel $replace($3,24,on,25,off)
      if ($istok(26 27,$3,32)) cs set keetopic %channel $replace($3,26,on,27,off)
      if ($istok(28 29,$3,32)) cs set secureop %channel $replace($3,28,on,29,off)
      if ($3 == 30) cs users %channel clear
      if ($3 == 31) cs MODE %channel CLEAR
      if ($3 == 37) accesslist
      if ($3 == 38) topic %channel $?="Topic"
      if ($3 isnum 42-65) cs mode %channel set $replace($3,42,+N,43,-N,44,+m,45,-m,46,+s,47,-s,48,+l $$?="Enter New Limit",49,-l,50,+c,51,-c,52,+p,53,-p,54,+O,55,-O,56,+R,57,-R,58,+M,59,-M,60,+T,61,-T,62,+K,63,-K,64,+C,65,-C)
    elseif $2 == edit {
      if ($3 == 32) set %channel $xdid($1,32).text
      elseif ($3 == 35) cs DROP %channel %Channel
      if ($istok(36 39,$3,32)) set %nickname $xdid(%dname,$3).text
nutty  -  Jun 12, 2014

thank you nox .. updated and edited.. one of the brackets did not show when i posted it originally... The reason why i coded this in dcx i wanted to learn it.. play around with it some :) and hope it helps new people when they start coding in it.. I also see you recoded my entire script... Looks good but i get a error in this code you did ...../dialog: 'Admin_Dialog' no such table line 1

nox`  -  Jun 12, 2014

Hello nutty :)
You can see an example with my youtube manager or script DEATHJ0KER
A friend made ​​a small tutorial to get started with dcx but it is French
The error is because I did not want to copy the code of your dialog you will give what I have modified

nutty  -  Jun 12, 2014

ahh ok all good thank you for the information :)

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