TeQh commented on a mIRC Script, n3rd v1  -  Oct 01, 2006

Yea, when i create n3rd v1, at first I was just learning mirc scripting and i continued to add more as i learned. I don\'t expect it to be the top mirc bot,m but I do expect people to learn from it and go out and create their own bots. so if you need a decent bot that have several functions, check out n3rd... Some guy messaged me on Yahoo! the other day and said that I helped teach him how to script because my script is so easy to modify. I am glad it is actually a use because I made it majorly just for something to do in my boring channel back in the day... anyways, enjoy the bot... and check out http://n3rd.teqh.com/ for updates and information... thanks...

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