Arigateaux commented on a Page, TextGangsters  -  Apr 24, 2014

if /jerkupdate needs to be run when it is first installed, just create an

on *:load:

event to do it automatically.

cptpan  -  Apr 26, 2014

You are required to do it every so often to update the .txt it uses. Running it the first time just creates the file.

Subsequent manual updates are required.

blackvenomm666  -  Apr 26, 2014

The on load event only works if you load it anyway if you just copy and paste into scripts editor then save it wouldn't work

Arigateaux  -  May 06, 2014

I've been meaning to respond to this...

1) You can still create auto updates by checking the hash of the file and storing it, then setting a timer to check the updates periodically.

2) The on load event works when you use /load -rs or if you copy/paste it.

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