cptpan commented on a Page, Auto Translator  -  Apr 21, 2014

Does this just not work any more?

cptpan  -  Apr 21, 2014

Ok, it randomly decides to work SOMETIMES, and very rarely for some reason.

FordLawnmower  -  Apr 22, 2014

I need to just do a rewrite on this cptpan. Google has gotten too strict and keeps banning ip's.

cptpan  -  Apr 26, 2014

I see. It does work sometimes but not others. And it still does a fairly ok job. I have seen others that work really well though, so hope you can work it out.

FordLawnmower  -  May 17, 2014

Please test and post your results here.

Stewie1k94  -  May 17, 2014

[11:52pm] <~Stewie> Bonjour
[11:52pm] <&ThunderBolt> [ru]-[en] Bonĵour
[11:52pm] <&ThunderBolt> [fr]-[en] Hello
[11:52pm] <~Stewie> Hol
[11:52pm] <&ThunderBolt> [hu]-[en] Where
[11:52pm] <~Stewie> Hola
[11:52pm] <&ThunderBolt> [es]-[en] Hello
[11:52pm] <~Stewie> Goed
[11:52pm] <&ThunderBolt> [nl]-[en] Good
[11:52pm] <~Stewie> Niet
[11:52pm] <&ThunderBolt> [nl]-[en] Not
[11:53pm] <~Stewie> Aparteid
[11:53pm] <&ThunderBolt> [ms]-[en] Apartheid In South Africa It mostly works, but I can't get it to work for Macedonian for some reason.

FordLawnmower  -  May 17, 2014

Thanks for the response @toclafane1 :)
This translator now uses bing , because google has made it so hard to use their services.
Bing's translator and language detection is fairly new, so hopefully it will get better.

I am open to writing a second engine, if there is a site with tolerance for lots of queries and language detection.
I just noticed this: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh456380.aspx
Bing doesn't have support for Macedonian yet ;/

Bri1977  -  May 17, 2014

I havn't updated this script in a while and for some reason at first it wasn't showing the translations, checked the status tab etc, nothing, then i checked the settings and it was turned off on every chan, turned it back on and all was good, the only bad thing about it was all the translations that it didn't need to do lol but will fix all that in the morning, here is a lil snippet of the good/bad stuff :-

[00:10:38] [00:59:09] :         &[MindForge] ¦ was du nicht sagst
[de]-[en] [Moot] [00:59:09 pm]: & [MindForge] ¦ what you don't say

[00:29:14] :o
[00:29:17] o:
[pt]-[en] [Marko50] the:
[00:29:19] <C[]> ö
[sv]-[en] [C[
]] Island

[00:30:06] o_0
[pt]-[en] [Marko50] o0
[00:30:09] <C[
]> 0o
[pt]-[en] [C[
]] 0_o

FordLawnmower  -  May 17, 2014

@Bri1977 I've updated the code to fix most of these issues.
Issues such as this one:
[00:29:17] o:
[pt]-[en] [Marko50] the:
Can be fixed by adding an exclusion for o:

Bri1977  -  May 19, 2014

ok, we have a problem lol it works in all channels, except for one, the only obvious reason i can see is that the chan name has a + in it, being a net-admin, i don't see any error messages in status etc, so the prob is either that or something else i am missing

cptpan  -  May 28, 2014

It works fine for me now. Great work Lawnmower!

You are single-handedly keeping amazing mSL scripts alive across the internet with your coding. Excellent.

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