adlez231 commented on a Page, Quote Script  -  Apr 10, 2014

I know this was months ago, but by any chance you see this, how do I implement this code? I am very new to mIRC and I am unsure of how to use it.

Vegito  -  Apr 11, 2014
  1. Start mIRC
  2. Press alt + r (This should open remote)
  3. copy this script and paste it in remote.
  4. press on ok
  5. You should see
    Click on yes.
  6. After that you should see
    Enter the bot owners name NOT bots name.
  7. Use !qadd [quote here] to add quote. Example:
  8. After that you can type !quote 1 or !quote for random quote.
adlez231  -  Apr 11, 2014

I've done that, but I get no popup. Is there a specific version of mIRC I should be using?

Vegito  -  Apr 11, 2014

You should unload and load the script.

adlez231  -  Apr 13, 2014

Thank you so much! It works now, but it's still doing weird things. It does not say when a quote is added, and it also puts weird numbers and quotes. It turns (!qadd "I really need to learn how to start breeding. It sounds like fun" - Alice [Pokemon]) into (12Random Quote 4#1 12- "I really need to learn how to start breeding. It sounds like fun" - Alice [Pokemon]: "")
Any insight on how to fix this? I know Java, but I can barely read mIRC at all.

adlez231  -  Apr 13, 2014

I should say that in the mIRC client, the quote shows up fine, but I am using the script on a bot for Twitch and that is where I'm having the issues.

adlez231  -  Apr 13, 2014

Also, I now see that in mIRC it also lists the "Command added", and all the other text, but I'd like that to be in the channel so people know when it is working correctly. I apologise for so much, but if you could even tell me how to fix it myself I'd appreciate it.

Vegito  -  Apr 15, 2014

Do you mean when you add a question? It should notice that you've added a question.

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