Vegito commented on a mIRC Script, Nickname Manager  -  Apr 03, 2014

Can you also add a feature that auto stores all nicks from your nick group list?

blessing  -  Apr 03, 2014

What is nick group list?
Dalnet has no nick group list feature, so i dont think i will add it for now. Sorry.

daknakal69  -  May 05, 2014

how if i use psy ... i have 20 nick reg .. to identify i must connected my link psy correct pass to connect first . then i identify the nick. could you do something easy to auto identify connect with link psy ..

orchid13  -  Mar 23, 2016

i have loade it on my mirc. i added 2 nick of mine both have diff pass so, when i try to identify other nick it gives me incorrect pass error.

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