Vegito commented on a Page, digimon mIRC script  -  Apr 01, 2014

This script contains alot of repetition.
You could've written this ALOT shorter.

glucht23  -  Apr 01, 2014

everything in it was necessary I didn't I suppose I could've made a alias for the end thing though... i'll shorten it up by doing that real quick

Vegito  -  Apr 01, 2014

You can make an alias for unset and your checks

glucht23  -  Apr 01, 2014

I'm making an alias for checking the reward/winning/losing the battle should shorten it up by like 1000 lines lol

glucht23  -  Apr 01, 2014

made it shorter with the alias by like 1700 lines dang thanks for the suggestion

Vegito  -  Apr 01, 2014

You can also put this in an alias.

if ($chan !isin %chan.list) { halt }
if (%digibattle == $null) { notice $nick you're not in a battle | halt }
if (%digimon == $null) { notice $nick who are you trying to attack? use !digimon first | halt }
if (%digibattle != $nick) { notice $nick you're not in a battle! | halt }
if ($hget(digimon,$nick) != Ankylomon) { notice $nick only Ankylomon can use that attack! | halt }
nox`  -  Apr 01, 2014

This is a bad method

if ($chan !isin %chan.list) { halt }

use $istok

if (!$istok(%chan.list,$chan,32)) { halt }
glucht23  -  Apr 01, 2014

what's the difference?.. it only serves to not work in a channel unless it's approved :>

Vegito  -  Apr 02, 2014
if (%player1stamina < 6) { notice $nick you can't use $1 because you don't have enough stamina! | halt }
if (%player1stamina > 6) { 

You dont need the second line.

ProIcons  -  Apr 05, 2014

glucth23, Its about optimizing you code. We are just sayin it could be done a lot better and faster, more organized with way more preferred ways, functions and so on.

glucht23  -  Apr 05, 2014

I'll try edit it up in a couple days when I get time

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