krimson commented on a Page, Idle & chan number grabber.  -  Sep 02, 2006

hah... nice try corax, but i don\'t think you could match Pariah when talking about mirc scripts.. he\'s been here way longer than you have and helped a lot of people meanwhile.

about the snippet now. it is utterly useless. as Pariah already pointed out, about all the info you echo to the active window is shown in the default whois, so you might as well make the whois show in the active window. regarding the brackets and groups problem, i don\'t know how it could work without properly closing brackets - ALWAY CLOSE AN OPEN BRACKET. you obviously have no clue on what groups are or do, so i suggest you catch up on this topic (/help groups).

another topic would be to mention what network you made this snippet for, as i can see that neither raw 308 nor 309 are common raws (as in i can\'t find them on networks like undernet or quakenet)

again this situation makes me think that a submission queue (like\'s one) is a great solution to filter out bad and useless scripts/snippets/addons/etc.

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