Truk commented on a Page, Custom Command Adding and Deleting Script  -  Mar 12, 2014

This is a great script! I was manually doing this for mods on one of my chats and this will do it for you in a matter of seconds. Sweet script Lozo!

Lozo  -  Mar 12, 2014

YAY! First comment on my public shared script! Thank you very much, glad you like it and find it useful! Let me know if you have any bug findings or anything you want me to work on or add.

Truk  -  Jul 16, 2015

Lozo I have a glitch for you. I have a command ep and when someone in chat says "yep ! " w/o quotes or "yep i understand!" it will fire the !ep command. not sure what or why - i have not had time to look at this closely but wanted to let you know. I THINK this has happened with other commands but cant say for sure.

amour  -  Jun 14, 2017

Avec une robe de soirée bordeaux sur, vous pouvez être sûr de se démarquer dans soirée.

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