Adjust commented on a Page, Youtube Script (Parse Vids and Search) v6.5  -  Mar 05, 2014

First off... love the script, thanks so much. Can you also add a feature so it will display a message when one of my channel I subscribe too uploads a video? Like say I have a text file with a list of channels and everytime one of those channels uploads a vid then the script will past the link into the channel room?
Is that even possible?

illhawkthat  -  Mar 06, 2014

Hi @Adjust - glad you like the script! I took a look at the subscription feature you mentioned, and I don't think it fits the scope of this script.
Take a look at this link: which explains the process of getting a list of the new videos.To implement it you would need to download the new videos page and then check back (say every x minutes) to see if those videos have changed (and message the channel with any changes).

It's a cool idea, but I just don't think it fits this script. Thank you again for the suggestion! Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

Adjust  -  Mar 07, 2014

Ok thanks for replying, Maybe you could write something...hint hint :D

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