Vegito commented on a Page, Trivia  -  Mar 03, 2014

The !answer isn't working for me properly.
When I give in the good answer it doesn't respond.

Also make it work without !answer N let players directly type in the answer and add timers, highscores, and when times up or question is answered correctly let it pick another random question.

Also adding an anti-cheat mechanism would be great.

glucht23  -  Mar 03, 2014

I think your other trivia script is interfering with it or something my script doesn't notice you when the question is wrong it messages the channel

I added in a highscores and a timer thing thanks for the suggestion

how would I do a anti-cheat mechanism ? can't exactly block someone from using google lol

Vegito  -  Mar 03, 2014

No i dont have any other trivia script open.
and your highscore looks ripped from the Uno game XD

Anyways, it's beter now.

By anticheat I meant so people can't record the question and answers and make an auto answer bot.

glucht23  -  Mar 03, 2014

might be xD friend gave it to me a while ago and I used it for a different script so I used it on this one too c; let me know if there's anything else i can do to upgrade it

glucht23  -  Mar 04, 2014

wow people do that? that's brilliant LOL I don't know how to make a anti cheat thing for it sorry :\

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