damaks commented on a Page, Weather script for mIRC  -  Feb 27, 2014

Hi, great script, but could you please make metric version? Than it would be prefect!

eqrunner  -  Mar 11, 2014

There is already metric in the script. if you comment out the 'unset' at the very bottom in the alias 'WUCLEANUP' . Run the script, and look at all the variables tab for all the available results. Then simply modify the msg %wu_chan Lines in the alias 'WU_SOCKCLOSE' to adapt to your likeing. A simple of change of things like "%wu_windchill_f" to "%wu_windchill_c", or "%wu_visibility_mi" to %wu_visibility_km" would work as a simple fix.

I do have intentions at some point to give an option in the beginning of the script to select Imperial or Metric as the 'primary.' But that would result in a lot of adjustment to the code. Along with each user who uses my code may have a different audience who lives in different locations. But I will keep this in mind. [As I write this, I could see my self adding to the !weather REGISTER function a way to also specify your preferred measurement scale. I will continue to ponder this one]

damaks  -  Mar 11, 2014

yes i have changed all eg. %wu_windchill_f to %wu_windchill_c" , and everything works great except !forecast . with that i cant do anything about, it always shows in imperial units

eqrunner  -  Mar 13, 2014

Forecast has it. You need to use the #wu_fcttext_metric variable.

damaks  -  Mar 14, 2014

thx! :)

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