Pwntage`Ninja commented on a Page, Em0 Query System v1.1  -  Aug 02, 2006

Thanx for the score, I was wondering for a few days why nothing had happened. It usually happens within at least 6 hours.
I submitted this to, and they told me that it needed a few changes...

  • I don\'t see the need to display a message to the user or yourself if the message is being accepted.

  • It would be nice to see what is currently on/selected in the popups menu.

  • When I set it to \"Decline All\", the message still goes through, and it fails to ignore the user.

Lemme put it this way
The first point is invalid, I think they\'d like to know if they\'re still waiting or not. The 2nd point, I don \'t even understand, and the 3rd point was valid. I fixed that.

Thanx again.

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