Conscious   -  Feb 18, 2014

@Hawkee, the footer links are broken when on the snippets and code pages (I haven't checked any other pages). Tested in FF&Chrome

Sorasyn  -  Feb 18, 2014

Broken in what context? All seems to be functional on my end.

ProIcons  -  Feb 19, 2014

Repost:p He is aware of this issue, and he said he will try to figure out the CSS issue.

Meta  -  Feb 19, 2014

I've already provided a solution to this that seems to have gone ignored. 7=

ProIcons  -  Feb 23, 2014

His solution seems to working just fine. @Hawkee Proceed with that. (add position:relative to footer element)

Hawkee  -  Feb 23, 2014

@Meta Sorry, it seems I overlooked your solution. Unfortunately this might interfere with the endless scroll and the way the footer remains absolute while scrolling. I'll try to come up with a solution that works all around.

Hawkee  -  Feb 26, 2014

This is now fixed. I had to combine @Meta's solution with a little CSS trickery to make it work, but it looks like we're good to go.

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