Alix_the_Alicorn commented on a Page, (LUA) ComputerCraft API ProgressBar  -  Feb 15, 2014

Could you post the code for your AE monitor? Also, nice API I am using it for a Redstone Flux monitor. It shows percentage and amount for each cell and all of them put together.

Sorasyn  -  Feb 16, 2014

Yeah, I'd be happy to upload my AE network code. I'll upload it later today when I get back home, and am able to pull the appropriate files.

I'd be curious to find out how you managed to pull information from RF battery cells. I have 4 Redstone Energy Cells (stores, and outputs RF/MJ), but I cannot seem to find the appropriate methods to pull charge information.

EDIT: This snippet is run on an independent Advanced Computer block, which is placed just underneath the ME network's controller block (in my world at least), and wraps the controller as a peripheral. It should work well enough to report basic information, with minuscule changes.

local ctrl = peripheral.wrap("top")

function ParseMsg(id, msg)
  --if (id == 4) then
    if (msg == "Query_BYTES_TOTAL") then
      rednet.send(id, ctrl.getTotalBytes())
    if (msg == "Query_BYTES_FREE") then
      rednet.send(id, ctrl.getFreeBytes())
    if (msg == "Query_BYTES_USED") then
      rednet.send(id, ctrl.getUnusedBytes())
    if (msg == "Query_SLOTS_TOTAL") then
      rednet.send(id, ctrl.getTotalItemTypes())
    if (msg == "Query_SLOTS_FREE") then
      rednet.send(id, ctrl.getRemainingItemTypes())
    if (msg == "Query_SLOTS_USED") then
      rednet.send(id, ctrl.getTotalItemTypes() - ctrl.getRemainingItemTypes())

function ReceiveAsync()
  while true do
    id, msg, time = rednet.receive()
    ParseMsg(id, msg)
Alix_the_Alicorn  -  Feb 27, 2014

Thanks :P btw, to read the RF you have to have OpenPeripheral installed, and I used wired modems to connect to my cells. the methods are something like getMaxEnergyStored("string") and getEnergyStored("string") and the string isn't used for anything, I usually just pass in "nil".

Alix_the_Alicorn  -  Feb 27, 2014

Sorry about the late reply

Sorasyn  -  Feb 27, 2014

Thanks, I'll give it a shot whenever I get on next. I didn't think the RF/MJ cells were even supported in the newest mod version releases (1.6.2 I believe it is).

No worries. I've been somewhat busy myself so I've not even had time to play around on Minecraft.

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