Truk   -  Feb 13, 2014

Help please: I need a timer that will make an announcement in an IRC chat every 20 minutes. I have a text file with many one line of text (announcements) that I need the script cycle through and post in chat. So at either 0 minutes from start or 20 minutes from start I need line 1 from the text file to display in chat and then at minute 40 line two and then after say 5 or 6 lines in the text file can it start back at line 1. I have tried a timer with the play command but it does not always work properly.


PennyBreed  -  Feb 13, 2014

I assume you're using mIRC. This should work for you.

This alias will play one line at a time from the file. You need to change SomeFile.txt to the path to your text file, and #myChan to your channel.

alias play_announcement {
  var %f = SomeFile.txt
  if (%on_announce == $null || %on_announce > $lines(%f)) { set %on_announce 1 }
  msg #myChan $read(%f,%on_announce)
  inc %on_announce 1

Then just set a timer like this (1200 is the delay, which is 20mins * 60seconds):

/timer.announce 0 1200 play_announcement
Truk  -  Feb 21, 2014

Thanks so much!! This solved the problem.

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