ProIcons   -  Jan 30, 2014

@Hawkee seems like some "Bots" are Liking my Simple Calculator Project? What is going on?

Sorasyn  -  Jan 30, 2014

Strangely enough I've noticed the same thing. My somewhat aging "WiFi Sniffer" project has garnered some 15 likes in the last few weeks. Some coming within hours of each other. All from accounts created that day, or within the last month.

Hawkee  -  Feb 03, 2014

Thanks for the heads up. This looks like another spam technique. They like something hoping to get a link to their profile which in turn links to their spam page. I'll have to write something to clean these up. Let me know if you see it happen again.

Ultimately I need to make liking an earned permission.

Hawkee  -  Feb 03, 2014

I wrote a little script to delete these spam accounts. It found almost 500 accounts.

ProIcons  -  Feb 03, 2014

Noone saw my new wrapper :(

Hawkee  -  Feb 03, 2014

Looks like Google did something to our API access. Probably need to update our class. Your stats are still being recorded, don't worry.

Hawkee  -  Feb 03, 2014

There you go. I updated the stats.

ProIcons  -  Feb 05, 2014


Hawkee  -  Feb 06, 2014

Yep, they're still at it. I have an hourly cronjob running to automatically delete these accounts. I'm working on a mechanism to prevent them from liking anything in the first place.

ProIcons  -  Mar 06, 2014

Just to inform you that they are keep on spamming

Hawkee  -  Mar 06, 2014

Yes, the next order of business is to employ the point and feature lock system. These should be getting auto-deleted though.

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