parad0x30 commented on a Page, AKA Nick Tracker  -  Jan 21, 2014

Hello a piece of help please. How can i include the previous nicks in a /whois response? i want it to say something like this:
[Whois] Guest_763 has also used nicknames: Guest_7631 Guest_7362
I know i have to put it under the raw 318 like a common chans alias i have but i am not sure how to put that one

FordLawnmower  -  Jan 24, 2014

There is a alias for this in the script.
Nicknames.Display : If you use this outside the script you will have to change it from : alias -l Nicknames.Display : to : alias Nicknames.Display : Just remove the "-l" from the alias so it's no longer local.
If you call it from inside the script, you don't have to change anything.

Syntax : /Nicknames.Display Nick Channel/Window
Example: /Nicknames.Display Ford_Lawnmower #Script-Help

parad0x30  -  Jan 24, 2014

Ok i changed that but how can i use it in the whois? btw i use your whois remote. i have this line under raw 318:

Echo -a 4 4[6W14hois4] 14AKA Nicks:4 ---- | haltdef

what should i put in the place of the ---- for it to work? the thing is i may need to whois a user who is not in the channel i am looking at and i want the nicks to appear

FordLawnmower  -  Jan 24, 2014

@parad0x30 You will have to add this line above that one:


You will also have to change the Nicknames.display alias in the aka script to this:

alias NickNames.display {
  if ($gettok($hget(NickNames,$+($3,$4)),0,126) > 1) {
    echo $iif($2 == Status Window,-gs,-g $2) $AKALogo $+(09,$1) $AKALogo 07 $mid($replace($hget(NickNames,$+($3,$4)),$chr(126),$chr(44)),2,-1)
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