chachin2009 commented on a Page, Weather script for mIRC  -  Jan 16, 2014

I know i've asked this before.. and it was a loooong time ago and code has changed so much i cant find a way to do it.. so how can i have

!fc amy is not my bot.. Baytown, TX Forecast (High/Low) - Updated: 11:41 CST Thursday: Clear, 20/6°C (68/43°F) Friday: Clear, 18/3°C (64/37°F) Saturday: Clear, 20/8°C (68/46°F) instead of all that stuff on pm do show 3 days only like that on chan instead of pm :) ty like always
rebel9  -  Jan 16, 2014

You can make it message a channel now.

Line 553:
.timer 1 %wu_f_i .msg %wu_nick %wu_sf_dow $+ : %wu_sf_con $+ . High: $+(%wu_sf_fh,$chr(40),%wu_sf_ch,$chr(41)) - Low: $+(%wu_sf_fl,$chr(40),%wu_sf_cl,$chr(41))

Change that to:
.timer 1 %wu_f_i .msg %wu_chan %wu_sf_dow $+ : %wu_sf_con $+ . High: $+(%wu_sf_fh,$chr(40),%wu_sf_ch,$chr(41)) - Low: $+(%wu_sf_fl,$chr(40),%wu_sf_cl,$chr(41))

You can also make it notice by changing .msg %wu_chan to .notice %wu_nick. This way it doesn't spam the channel when people !forecast3/4/5/6 etc and only you get the information, nobody else cares about what your weather is going to do for 5 days in your area.

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