Sorasyn   -  Jan 01, 2014

Been pretty quiet around here for awhile. Anybody still alive out there?

Hawkee  -  Jan 01, 2014

Everybody must be enjoying their holiday. Traffic usually takes a dip this week.

hxck  -  Jan 03, 2014

I'm still here :) how were your holidays guys?

Sorasyn  -  Jan 03, 2014

Mine was alright. Being in between semesters I am unfortunately extremely bored given I have very little to do.

How about yourself?

hxck  -  Jan 03, 2014

That's cool, when do you start classes again? Mine was pretty good. My nephew had a great time at Christmas since he's only 4, so he still loves the whole thing. It was fun to watch haha.

Sorasyn  -  Jan 03, 2014

Classes start back up on the 21st. Haha that's funny. Gotta love the youth's enthusiasm and curiousity.

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