Typo commented on a Page, [PHP] mIRC Identifier Library : mIRC.lib.php   -  Dec 18, 2013

This is pretty cool. I would never use something like this but I like that you took the time to try and do it :) .

ProIcons  -  Jan 21, 2014

For some people using gettok is easier than explode, also mIRC provides BultIN functions for many things. I've recreated these functions in PHP Language in order to help people to NOT RE-INVENT the Wheel. Now some of you may find it useless and its ok from me, I've never used it either in any of my web projects... though many other people find this very usefull. I mean there are bultin functions to interact with ini files, There are functions for each Token Procedure. Gettok Sorttok Wildtok Numtok Istok Instok addtok deltok remtok randtok findtok puttok matchtok firsttok lasttok , There are also the find functions, finddir and findfile
easy read function... any many others

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