TerrapinStaion commented on a Page, Weather script for mIRC  -  Nov 25, 2013

eqrunner, Perhaps the script could be ported to http://www.localweather.net or even yahoo weather. As wunderground.com was bought out by the weather channel. The weather channel is believe it or not a very bias reporting weather network. They are bias on reporting weather news on the cities on the east coast almost exclusively. Even if its just a half inch of rain their going to receive or 3 inches of snow. This is a catastrophe for the east coast cities according to the Weather Channel. Also weather network and website WeatherNation "www.weathernationtv.com" founded by world founded by world famous meteorologist from Minnesota Paul Douglas would also be another excellent source.

eqrunner  -  Nov 26, 2013

@TerrapinStaion The buyout was over 18 months ago and has not affected the wundergound script that I have created. The Weather Channel may be opinionated to be biast, but the script above is not. What The Weather Channel reports on has no effect on the wunderground script as the individual user requests the info they want. I have looked at localweather.net and weathernation.tv in the past but neither of them support an API platform on which the script now runs on. Yahoo Weather API does not contain all the additional features that wunderground supports. Hence the reason why I have stuck with wunderground as the source.

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