Menteroth   -  Nov 20, 2013

How do I check if a @window exists?

I am echoing text to another window on :input: but it echoes in active window if there is no existing window.

if (@window == $true) echo bla bla bla
else return

Meta  -  Nov 20, 2013

$window(@window_name_here) -- Will return the window name if it exists, else $null (nothing).

You can also use wildcards in the window name and use a second parameter "N" to refer to the Nth matching window... for example: *$window(@some,1)* will return the name of the first window that wildmatches @some

Menteroth  -  Nov 21, 2013

I feel I'm really too slow for this scripting thing haha.

how would I add that feature to only echo to the @window if it exists?

on *:input:#jasonbigs:{
  if (!$ctrlenter) && ($left($1,1) !== $readini(mirc.ini,text,commandchar)) {
    echo @jasonbigs 14(00 $+ $time $+ 14) 13( $+ 00 $+ $me $+ 13) 00 $+ $1-

when it doesn't exist it looks like this:

@jasonbigs (16:30:18) (menteroth) 123

P.S and no, I didn't create this input myself. just wanted to add this window thing. :)

Meta  -  Nov 21, 2013

just add it in the condition:

if (!$ctrlenter) && ($left($1,1) !isin $+(/,$readini($mircini,text,commandchar))) && ($window(@jasonbigs)) {

You could also just open the window if it isn't already, eg.

on *:INPUT:#jasonbigs:{
  if !$ctrlenter && $left($1,1) !isin $+(/,$readini($mircini,text,commandchar)) {
    if !$window(@jasonbigs) { window -en @jasonbigs }
    echo @jasonbigs 14(00 $+ $time $+ 14) 13( $+ 00 $+ $me $+ 13) 00 $+ $1-
Menteroth  -  Dec 19, 2013

Thought I answered this already. But thanks.

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