Chromatic commented on a Page, Word Definition   -  Nov 03, 2013

Did my update/fix help you? I know you just didn't know it wasn't working.. but it seems you adopted some of the minor changes I did to make it functional again.. except your url is english and not american_english.

I'm not an experienced IRC coder,.. but I decided to just take a stab at it and figured perhaps the website format had changed a bit.. and adjusted the URL but it didn't work exactly.. and added the "www" as well, and then it worked perfectly.

The Pronunciation is a neat feature, but I use this in a JTV chatroom, so I try to minimize any unnecessary information due to limited chat space. I also run Urban dictionary, as often the dictionary doesn't pick up the word -- especially if it is in an adverb/adjective format.. so I have it say " No Results have been found, please try !Urban (word)" for example. :)

Great and efficient script. Your coding looks quite good and not bloated (like mine would be). Do you code in anything else?

Stewie1k94  -  Nov 07, 2013

That's fine, if you ever feel the need to change something, feel free. I do not code in anything else, just mIRC really.

And, yeah... My code's have to look nice (I hate messy codes) :D

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