Sorasyn commented on a Page, Cryptoquip Generator [0.64 KB]  -  Nov 01, 2013
else continue

Is redundant since it's called at the end of an infinite loop.

By the way, care to add some description as to what the snippet actually does? As much as I can discern from the source it looks to obfuscate characters in some manner.

Yawhatnever  -  Nov 01, 2013

To me it would make more sense to ditch the /continue and /break in favor of

while ($numtok(%crypto, 32) != 26) { }

A short description explaining the purpose of the code would be useful as well. I had never heard of a cryptoquip before.

Arigateaux  -  Nov 01, 2013

I have removed the following line:

else continue

I forgot to remove it when I edited it last night, because there was another small section that I changed.

Also, @Yawhatnever I don't like the way that looks, which is why I did it the way I did. No other reason. :P

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