Sorasyn commented on a Page, Binary Calculator - Sockets  -  Oct 31, 2013

Would be magnitudes more efficient if you took the time to calculate it locally instead of reaching out to a website to do it. Not to mention doing it locally would require about 50% less code. Doing it this way does not guarantee longevity. In a few months or whenever they decide to update the website, it'll have to be redone to function properly again.

dronez4  -  Oct 31, 2013

It works doesnt it? ^.^

Sorasyn  -  Oct 31, 2013

In time, no it won't. Do you even know how to convert binary to decimal/hexadecimal/octal etc?

dronez4  -  Nov 01, 2013

Nope, If it's alot of work then i'm not going to bother either..

If it doesn't work in time then that's totally fine, i'll hook it up to multiple website if it fails

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