Menteroth commented on a Page, Reddit Latest Post & Comment Watcher  -  Oct 24, 2013

this title turned into this in the channel from the bot: McDonald\u2019s
rest of the title was in channel too, just showing what was messed up.

Menteroth  -  Oct 26, 2013

here is another:

in channel: "The match you spectate shouldn't end with \ - by TalkManEUW"

Menteroth  -  Nov 02, 2013

This one completely removed the title because it was all inside qoutationmarks

(mentbot) \ - by sophusserup

sorry for all the posts. just wanted to show all the different ones.

Menteroth  -  Nov 18, 2013

(mentbot) Faker vs Apdo, \uce68\ucc29\ud558\uac8c \ud0ac\ub530\ub0b4\ub294 \ud398\uc774\ucee4 \ub9ac\ube10 - by Vomygore

Menteroth  -  Nov 18, 2013

the latest two seem to happen when the title is a direct link to a YouTube video.

'cause "reddit uses a slightly-customized version of Markdown ( for formatting"
which enables people to use "reddit!" to make a word a link.

I'm guessing that's the reason anyway. if you wanna look into it.

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