m1ndl3ss commented on a Page, Quote Script  -  Oct 23, 2013

I am having trouble with what I think should be a simple script...I have a text file which contains one quote per line. I want to randomly read a quote once per hour in the channel I am an op for. Here is what I have;
on *:JOIN:#:{
/timergreet 0 3600 /msg $chan - Quote of the Day: $read(biqquotes.txt)
Where the problem is, it randomly selects one quote initially, but then will repeat the same quote it originally selected. How can I get it to randomly select a quote the 2nd and 3rd, etc time after the first selection?

Vegito  -  Oct 23, 2013

Do you want it to read a random quote everytime someone joins?
Quote of the day should change daily right?

m1ndl3ss  -  Oct 23, 2013

Yes, I figured it out... in the $read function, if you make it $!read it forces it to re-evaluate (in this case pick a new random line) every time. Woo Hoo!!!!

KilllerX  -  Oct 23, 2013

3600 is 3600 seconds, which translates to 60 minutes, translating to 1 hour. Do you just want a different message each join? Or different message each day?

.timerquote 86400 .set %dailyQuote $rand(0,$!lines(bigquotes.txt)) - this will read how many lines are in, and choose a random one from the 0th (first) line, and the last line in bigquotes.

Then you can do

msg # $read(bigquotes.txt, %dailyQuote)

I would have these sperate, as setting the greet, is requested upon someone joining.

Alias DailyQuote {
  set %dailyQuote $rand(0,$!lines(bigquotes.txt))
 .timerquote 86400 set %dailyQuote $rand(0,$!lines(bigquotes.txt))

-this will set it upon use then every day (if you keep the bot running 24/7 will reset the daily quote.

ON !*:JOIN:*:{
 if (!%qotdFlood) {
 msg # Quote of the Day - $read(bigquotes.txt, %dailyQuote) | .inc %qotdFlood -z 60

The .inc is for a flood protections so if 20 people join at once, it doesn't spam it. It can only be said, omn a join once a minute.

and so you know, inside the actual code. You don't need all the / and . Although infront of the timer to my knowledge makes the event 'silent' or that it won't post it. # is the same as $chan.

If you use this. and you put the Alias in your 'alias' file, MAke sure you don't have Alias, So I would put it in the remote with the Alias. Then on

KilllerX  -  Oct 23, 2013

To start the setting of it. You would have to type /DailyQuote in the bots talk bar. Oh, ok. You did say once an hour. So, yes 3600 is an hour. Use that instead of the 86400. And I would change the "Quote of the Day" to something more like "Quote of the Hour."

Vegito  -  Oct 23, 2013

For quote of the day
This works also if bot is not 24/7 online .

if ($1 = !qotd) {
  if (%date != $date) var -g %date $v2, %qotd %rx 
  msg # 10Quote of the the Day: 12 $+ $read(%file, n, %qotd) 
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