PuppyEyes commented on a Page, Song Request Logger  -  Oct 22, 2013

My problem is that when someone reqeuests a song like this:

[04:05] @reqsong Remember when Alan Jackson

I get:

[04:05] <@GlobalCamChatBot> -= PuppyEyes has requested that Remember by when be played. =-

How can I fix this so that the script is read with spaces in it?

(Noob so go easy on me)

g3mini  -  Oct 22, 2013

on 1:text:@reqsong:#:/msg $me $nick has requested: $1-
will pm you whenever someone says @reqsong and it will also tell you what sentence they said it in
i say @reqsong dizzee rascal - bonkers
you get a pm saying "g3mini has requested: dizzee rascal - bonkers"

ps: replace # with #room

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