Jinn commented on a Page, Advanced Quote System  -  Oct 18, 2013

On here

if ($1 == !addquote) {
if ($nick isin $readini(quotes.ini,bans,bans)) {
/msg $chan You are banned from quotes. Please see a quote moderator to resolve this problem.
elseif ($2-) {
/write quotes.txt $+ $strip($2-) $+ $chr(124) Quoted by $nick $chr(124) Added on $fulldate $chr(124) There are $ $+ readini(quotes.ini,stats, $+ $nick $+ ) quotes submitted by $nick $chr(124) $ $+ calc($ $+ readini(quotes.ini,stats, $+ $nick $+ ) / $ $+ readini(quotes.ini,stats,all) * 100 ) percent of all quotes.
/msg $chan Added as quote $lines(quotes.txt)
/writeini quotes.ini stats $nick $calc($readini(quotes.ini,stats,$nick) + 1 )
/writeini quotes.ini stats all $calc($readini(quotes.ini,stats,all) + 1 )

How do I set it to owner/mod only can add? I'm receiving errors from my if ($nick isin $readini(quotes.ini,owner,owner)) ..
Please do help me, thanks in advance.

dronez4  -  Oct 19, 2013

in your quotes.ini it should look like this

dronez4=is a owner
dronez44=is a bigger owner
dronez444=biggest owner

And your code to check if that person is a owner

if ($readini(quotes.ini,owner,$nick)) {

Basically it looks for the nick before the = and asks the file if its in there, if it is then it carries on with the action.

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