PackardBell commented on a Page, TeamSpeak 3 Interaction Script v1.2  -  Oct 13, 2013

I get this all the time:

!ts [TS3] TeamSpeak Commands: !TS Users, Channels, Kick, Ban, Msg, PM, Poke, Info, Version - "!TS help [command]" for more information. [TS3] Error: Not connected to the TeamSpeak server, connecting to server.. [TS3] Attempting to connect to the TS3 server.. [TS3] Connection Establised...Logging in as a server admin. [TS3] Logged in successfully, Searching for server id... [TS3] Unable to find a server. Reasons for this could be: [TS3] 1) The bot does not have the required permissions to request the server ID. Please doublecheck the permissions the bot has on the TS3 server. [TS3] 2) The server port you have entered in the script is incorrect. I tried chaning my own IP and localhost. (and port 10011) I tried with over 10 Serverquerry logins Still doesn't work. All the ports are open.
PackardBell  -  Oct 14, 2013

Does this script work with the FREE software to run on your own PC?

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