chachin2009 commented on a Page, Weather script for mIRC  -  Oct 08, 2013

Yo eqrunner. SO i went and try to do the code change so i can use . instead of ! so the bot doesn't interfere with the other bot i have that uses !w for other stuff but that one bot is'nt mine so i can't do nothing about it and im not op to kick the that bot :P so i went for the lines 47 to 53 then try to go down to 130 to 131 or whatever but couldnt find the rest so Im stuck on 47 to 53.. if you wanna be cool to help me once again.. you're just too awesome. thanks anyways :)

eqrunner  -  Oct 09, 2013

Let me simplify that for you. Change the following: (Lines 55 thru 58)

on $*:INPUT:#: {
  if ($regex($1,/^[.](w|weather|forecast|forecast5|alert|alerts|alertinfo|alertsinfo|time|current|almanac)/Si)) 
  wunderground $1-

on $*:text:/^[.](w|weather|forecast|forecast5|alert|alerts|alertinfo|alertsinfo|time|current|almanac)/Si:#: {
  wunderground $1-

This is just changing the ! to a .

And add this code right below the APIKEY area (Insert at line 88)

  ;set %wu_api YourAPICodeGoesHere
set %wu_command $replace(%wu_command,$chr(46),$chr(33))

This will solve all your problems. This allows you to use .weather .time .forecast etc. But once the script is started. It internally changes it back to !weather !time !forecast, etc. So that the rest of the code works.

chachin2009  -  Oct 10, 2013

wow just wow this is so much better.. thank you man.. like always you're just too awesome :)

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