Menteroth commented on a Page, Random Jokes Plus Facts  -  Oct 07, 2013

How can I change the output to channel?
I tried changing "sockmark %s .msg # $regml(1)" to like "sockmark %s .msg # Fun Fact: $regml(1)" but it didn't work.

blackvenomm666  -  Oct 07, 2013

it is already set to msg the channel

Menteroth  -  Oct 07, 2013

I know but I want to add "Fun Fact:" in front of the message. you didn't read my question properly. :)

Yawhatnever  -  Oct 07, 2013

You didn't phrase the question very well.

$regml(1) on line 7 would contain either "joke" or "fact". The script needs to know that later. That's not where you should be making changes.

They tokenized $sock($sockname).mark on line 18, so $1-2 contains '.msg #'. I haven't fully examined the script, but I believe you should be focusing on lines 50 & 56.

Menteroth  -  Oct 08, 2013

How would you phrase the qestion instead of "How can I change the output to channel?"?

And you obviously saw I was tampering with the wrong line in the script. I don't see anything wrong with the question itself though.
I am not very good at scripting so of course I made that mistake.

Ah okay. Thanks. Not even sure where I can add the extra text that I want there either. I'll just try randomly and see what works.

Edit: Added the extra text I wanted with some random testing. Thanks for pointing out which lines.

Menteroth  -  Oct 08, 2013

it does give me "1F27 Unknown command"
when I added " $1-2 Fun fact: $remove($gettok($v1,11-,32),24c6)" on line 50 though.
but still sends what I want to the channel.

(10:29:14) (menteroth) !facts
(10:29:15) (mentbot) Fun fact: The human eye blinks an average of 4,200,000 times a year.

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