^WeSt commented on a Page, Advanced Google Bot Search  -  Oct 06, 2013

Not working on me! i have done +Google but when i use !google only return me an notice that said: Searching Google........
But no results appeared...

FordLawnmower  -  Oct 06, 2013

I still have this working 100% ^West. I don't see any problems scanning the code here. Pls. try loading the code from here to make sure: http://scriptbin.net/view/2bc2b6d3
If this works for you I will update the code here.

^WeSt  -  Oct 08, 2013

Well i try it from your url but still not working man, had an mini-test to on my currently bot i set a timer for msg the command: /timer 1 10 msg #test_chan !google IRC well after this i gone to my bot and using /socklist command to see if the add-on opens the socks the socks have been opened have a look into the socks. ALSO i have try it to an Clean mIRC with not any addons,dlls,aliases and still have this problem, stucking into the Searching.. notice!


  • Open sockets:
  • GTinyUrlIRC9302222859544702 tinyurl.com:80 tcp connecting
    GTinyUrlIRC9302222885988378 tinyurl.com:80 tcp connecting
    GTinyUrlIRC9302222810312678 tinyurl.com:80 tcp connecting
    GTinyUrlIRC9302222819507000 tinyurl.com:80 tcp connecting

Also with the /google IRC command the /socklist result was:

GTinyUrlIRC9373864788866108 tinyurl.com:80 ( tcp active (on: .146.243.84 57084)
GTinyUrlIRC9373864711705585 tinyurl.com:80 ( tcp active (on:
.146.243.84 57085)

NOTE: i am using 7.32 mIRC version!!!!!

  • Thanks!
FordLawnmower  -  Oct 09, 2013

It sounds like you have an issue with tinyurl. Perhaps they are blocking you for some reason.
Try changing the var UseTinyURL to 0

;;Change %UseTinyURL(below) if you don't want links converted to tinyurl. Valid numbers are: 1 for convert and 0 for don't convert.
var %UseTinyURL 1

If this works , I can make an edit for you that uses a different link shortener. I have made a few of these because tinyurl is blocked by some countries.

^WeSt  -  Oct 09, 2013

Yes you're right now work perfect! i set it to 0 and worked!

FordLawnmower  -  Oct 09, 2013

What country are you in @^WeSt ?

^WeSt  -  Oct 09, 2013

Greece (Flag :P)

^WeSt  -  Oct 09, 2013

Also if you have a way to make the google commands to work without an +google or any other command to enable/disable the google just if anyone uses the command to display the results.

  • Thanks!
^WeSt  -  May 10, 2014

I found an way to work the tinyurl using %UseTinyURL 1 i have just edit an other code and thinking to change and yours so i try and find an way with this code mine is working , check it and if it is working and with yours so you can replace it.

On :sockread:GTinyUrl: {
if ($sockerr) { sockclose $sockname | return }
else {
sockread -f &tiny | var %tiny $bvar(&tiny,1-).text
var %tiny2 = $remove($gettok(%tiny,$numtok(%tiny,32),32),close,$crlf)
if (http://* iswm %tiny2) {
tokenize 32 $sock($sockname).mark
$1-2 $replace($5-,$4,%tiny2)
sockclose $sockname

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