Farcrada commented on a Page, Need some help with a $read check/comparison   -  Sep 23, 2013
if ($1- isin $read(bans- $+ $chan $+ .txt,w, $1-))

That's not working seen as you (For some reason.) HAVE to use variables to make that work. Just like this one:

 echo # 14(00 $+ $time $+ 14) 10-11-15- 5min timeout on $nick

You also didn't define how long you want $nick to be timed out.

.msg $chan .timeout $nick |

In other words:

on 1:TEXT:*:#:{
  var %readbans bans- $+ $chan $+ .txt
  var %echotime 00 $+ $time $+ 14
  if ($1- isin $read(%readbans,w, $1-)) { .msg $chan .timeout $nick 10 | echo # 14(%echotime) 10-11-15- 5min timeout on $nick }
  elseif ($1 == !addban) {
    if ($2- == $read(%readbans,w, $2-)) { msg $chan banmask " $+ $2- $+ " is already added. }
    else { write %readbans $2- | msg $chan banmask " $+ $2- $+ " added. }
  elseif ($1 == !delban) {
    if ($2- != $read(%readbans,w, $2-)) { msg $chan no such banmask " $+ $2- $+ ". }
    else { write -ds " $+ $2- $+ " %readbans | msg $chan banmask " $+ $2- $+ " deleted. }

that ought to do the trick. Try it.

Menteroth  -  Sep 23, 2013

hello. thanks for the help. I will try this when I get the time and get back to you.
and for the timeout. I don't need to set time since the default is 5 minutes. this is a twitch.tv IRC-channel I'm using the script for. so that's fine. :)

and I don't need to change the !addban/!delban parts. they work as intended. I can add and remove several words banmasks.

Farcrada  -  Sep 23, 2013

You don't have to modify the !addban/!delban parts. This is just WAY easier when making modifycations. With some editing you could host this on multiple streams and once with just 1 script running. Don't get me wrong, but that's EXACTLY how Moobot, Nightbot Saucebot etc do their stuff. The have 1 script made to differ in options between streams. Now it's your tunr to figure out how and apply that. Then to become as famous as a bot like Moobot and Nightbot you'd have to pull some serious strings by some big-ass streams.

Menteroth  -  Sep 23, 2013

ah okay. then I understand. it probably won't be as big or nor do I really try for it. just fixing it for a small community channel which I stream on. I will try your correction later this evening if I get some time. thanks. :)

Menteroth  -  Oct 03, 2013

sorry for the late response. this doesn't work. the banmask doesn't trigger if it's in a text, only if it's said alone with no other text. commands still work as usual.

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