Menteroth commented on a Page, Urban Dictionary  -  Sep 19, 2013

could you add a message if no word is typed after the trigger command?
so people who aren't familiar with it gets a response of what to do.

Menteroth  -  Sep 21, 2013

and also. is it possible to add a timer between messages if the text is too long? 'cause I'm using this in a channel which has like a 2 second auto message filter in every channel.

rebel9  -  Jan 12, 2014

if (!$2-) { msg $chan Invalid syntax. Please type !ud [search]. }

Menteroth  -  Jan 24, 2014


rebel9  -  Jan 28, 2014

This script doesnt even work anymore does it? I remember my friend was using it and it quit working on him, wondering if its the same for everyone. I wrote my own though so...

Menteroth  -  Apr 05, 2014

I stopped working yeah. I don't know if they changed the site somehow so it can't get the correct feedback.
You're welcome to share yours if it works. I would gladly use it.

rebel9  -  Apr 06, 2014


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