eqrunner commented on a Page, Weather script for mIRC  -  Sep 16, 2013

I guess everything is working with no issues as there are no new comments. I will keep updating as I expand and improve the script.

incognitus  -  Sep 17, 2013

Hey Eqrunner,

Is it me or !alerts and !alertinfo stopped working? I cant trigger both commands anymore. Can you check that?

Thanks man, keep up the good work!

DragonHeart  -  Sep 20, 2013

@eqrunner - I keep getting the 'Location not found' even after updating to the lastest script and restarting bot.

eqrunner  -  Sep 20, 2013

@incognitus !alerts and !alertinfo apear to be working fine. Not sure what could be causing your glitch.

@DragonHeart I was having that same problem with one of the nicks registered with the bot on my end. It wasn't until they re-registured a different location, that it worked fine. If this happens, send comment out the unset at the bottom and send me your %wu_link variable (with api key removed/changed) And I will look to see what might be influencing it.

DragonHeart  -  Sep 21, 2013

@eqrunner: got it, thanks. Somehow my API key had an extra character. Think OE (operator error :))

Truk  -  Sep 30, 2013

This is my Fav script and most used on my bot - thanks for you work on this!

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