Wims commented on a mIRC Script, Pacman online v2.0 for mIRC  -  Sep 11, 2013

Hello there!!
I have been working on this game a lot since i released it, everything has been made better, from the dialog to the game itself.
Here are some new videos showing the game being played with 5-6 players:

http://www.zone-script.net/pacman/pac5.wmv (replace 5 with 1, 2, 3, or 4 for more videos)

If you enjoy the videos, join and try it for yourself,

Here is a complete changelog since the last version:

-Complete rewrite, now dispaying pacman on the left and ghosts on the right
-Pacmans now have a color assigned to them, just like ghosts (same colors)
-The number of pellet eaten per pacman, and a score per pacman (# of pellet eaten and the total score) is also displayed.
-Added a little dot on each pacman (of their color) to indicate which nickname is which pacman.
-Added a stopwatch

-Can now play with 6 pacmans and 6 ghosts at the same time
-Added some fruits, giving you points
-Added internal teleporter, for pacmans only
-Added bonuses for pacmans: one more live, and an hyper speed.
-Ghosts now go back home (spawning area) following a path when eaten by pacmans, added a sprite for this, some little eyes
-Added cpus, I worked a lot on this, it now works very well, but the A* algorithm is still very slow on mIRC, causing freeze for long paths while playing.
-Added a sprite 'game aborted', now handling situations where the game should be aborted
-Can now pause the game (only the owner of the server, use shift f5)

-Fixed various bugs
-Removed some tabs and moved things into a 'settings' tab
-Improved the editboxes
-Improved the code in general, much faster than before.
-Improved input, the client now remember which key you are holding while playing, if you hold the right key and then the left key, releasing the left key will make you go on the right again, this helps a lot fighting the lag.
-Can now select the keyboard keys used to play.
-Nicknames are now remembered.
-Can now select the duration of a power-pellet in the editor.

nox`  -  Sep 11, 2013

The new version of the game is very nice given its fluidity.
The game is constantly evolving in the right direction and we can really see what mIRC can do with picwins. Great job Wims, what is the next game? :)

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