sean   -  Sep 03, 2013

@Hawkee Thoughts on AngularJs?

Hawkee  -  Sep 04, 2013

I looked at it briefly in the past, but I haven't played around with it. Any compelling reason to try it over jQuery?

sean  -  Mar 01, 2016

@Hawkee Fun to check out some of these comments from the past. Have you ever gotten around to using Angular? :P

Hawkee  -  Mar 02, 2016

Heyo @sean! Good to see you. I used it on a project a little while back and thought it was quite cool. I haven't really had a chance to use it since then though. I've been doing a lot of Drupal development lately which doesn't lend itself to Angular very much. You in to quadcopters at all? I've been working on a new site for the past few months that's based on the Hawkee engine, check it out!

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