Sorasyn   -  Aug 29, 2013

I'd say I'm surprised by Windows 8 ravaging my computer's hardware yet again, but I'd be lying. This time it's done locked my SSD in between states so badly I can't even crack it open in Ubuntu. Just gonna chalk it up to the several hundred other problems Windows 8 has thrown at me this week. Superb.

Hawkee  -  Aug 29, 2013

Seems it shouldn't be that bad. Could always downgrade to Windows 7.

Sorasyn  -  Aug 29, 2013

Yeah, I'm not sure why, but it's been having a lot problems of late. I still got a few tricks up my sleeve, but all the articles on this particular error point to drive failure. However, Ubuntu seems to think it's stuck between states on Windows, which seems feasible. Windows 8 gets unnecessarily cranky when you shut it down incorrectly.

Edit: After digging into it, I found that it was Windows 8 that had corrupted itself. Windows 7 wiped the drive, and installed just fine on the SSD.

hxck  -  Sep 01, 2013

I had patched theme files for third party themes and when they released the first batch of updates for 8 I got locked in that monitor flicker loop, ended up having to downgrade to 7. Real pain in the ass.

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