Savage_CL commented on a Page, Incomplete Picture Window Editor "PWEDitor v1.0 Beta"  -  Aug 09, 2013

Well a small piece to a big puzzle... There's code that will calculate the width for you. From the help docs:


Returns width of text in pixels for the specified font.

If B is non-zero, the font is bold, if C is non-zero, control codes are processed. Both B and C are optional.

Note: If you use a negative number for the font size, it will match the size of fonts in the font dialog.

Scriptalias  -  Aug 09, 2013

That helped thanks. Im actually close to finishing the event editor since I posted this. Once i complete that to handle the controls that are enabled now. I would then continue to design and implement the rest of the controls for the toolbar then add them to the event editor.

I dont know if you could point me in a direction to find dlls to debug mircscript *.mrc files? i need a way to debug the event editor scripts inside of the editor. I would simply place a text box that runs horizontal on the bottom of the dialog to act a debug window to display any errors before any changes are saved. I dont want to have to try and write a debug dll file on my own... that can take some time.

Savage_CL  -  Aug 09, 2013

Actually, it's not a DLL, but a whole program, called mSLDev. You can find it at

A friend of mine, Wiz126, created it, and all of my serious mSL development happens there. It's a fully fledged IDE (similar in concept to Eclipse) dedicated to mSL. I suggest you try it out!

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