Savage_CL commented on a Page, Connect to more then one server on startup  -  Aug 09, 2013

Where is the ini file created? Since the servers are listed there, shouldn't there be more than just writeini's for choosing whether a server is on or off?

And further, though I know that it likely won't cause any harm, you should have 3 sections of your INI file. one would be =, one would be =, and one =<enabled?>. ID would be an auto-incrementing number, maybe stored in a 4th section. Yes, this sounds like overkill, but it's good programming practice, incase you want to add more information (description? channel list?) in the future.

Yama  -  Aug 17, 2013

The ini file is created next to the mirc.exe or in the mIRC folder in %appdata%.
You shouldn't need to edit it yourself.
The server list is created from the server entries in 'Connect -> Servers'. No need to save them all again for the script.
Only turned on or off autoconnect servers are saved in the ini file, so the script connects to the servers on start.
So why do I need more then writeini's?

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