nox` commented on a mIRC Script, Youtube manager  -  Aug 04, 2013

Ther's a small error in the line 259 (version 4.3) which I had not thought if you want to correct it replace this line:

If ($regex($1,/(?:#|\?|&)t=([\ddhms]+)/S)) set -su1 %ythottime $duration($regml(1))

by this one

if ($regex(ytstartime,$1,/(?:[#?&])t=([\ddhms]+)/S)) set -u1 %ythottime $iif($regml(ytstartime,1) isnum,$v1,$duration($replace($v1,d,day $chr(32),h,hr $chr(32),m,min $chr(32),s,sec)))
VxD aka DEATHJ0KER  -  Aug 04, 2013

I replaced the line 244 LoL⁹
this is because opening the dialog returns me this error, due to the path of another dcx.dll present in my script

  • /dll: unable to open file 'C:\VxD\addon\youtube\dcx.dll' (line 35, youtube.mrc)

I deleted these aliases and working properly, this plug-in continues to evolve for the better, thanks :)

alias dcx {
if ($isid) returnex $dll($scriptdiryoutube\dcx.dll,$1,$2-)
else !dll " $+ $scriptdiryoutube\dcx.dll" $1 $2-
alias udcx {
if ($dcx(IsUnloadSafe)) $iif($menu, .timer 1 0) !dll -u dcx.dll
else !echo 4 -qmlbfti2 [DCX] Unable to Unload Dll.
alias xdid {
if ($isid) returnex $dcx( _xdid, $1 $2 $prop $3- )
dcx xdid $2 $3 $1 $4-
alias xdialog {
if ($isid) returnex $dcx( _xdialog, $1 $prop $2- )
dcx xdialog $2 $1 $3-

nox`  -  Aug 04, 2013

Sorry I was absent the day of your visit and so I did not have you helped
New version dcx I do not know if you've seen

VxD aka DEATHJ0KER  -  Aug 04, 2013

i ve downloaded the new version from php dcx, i am preparing an update that includes youtube manager and also the new dcx.dll
Thanks again for the correction ;)

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