startmeup commented on a Page, !Slang Urban Dictionary Script  -  Jul 04, 2013

[15:12] !ud crappola
[15:12] <start> Definition - A whole load of crap. Not to be confused with shitload. [15:12] <start> Example - What's all this crappola?

Any idea why I am getting the censored stuff all of a sudden? I changed nothing, I have no censored words. I checked the hsh file and was empty.

I even went back to earlier scripts to see if there was something that I inadvertently did and still the same. Any ideas?

FordLawnmower  -  Jul 04, 2013

@startmeup Updated

incognitus  -  Oct 07, 2013

Hey FordLawnmower,

It stopped working few days ago, i think. Can you take a look at that? Many thanks in advance!

FordLawnmower  -  Oct 07, 2013


Thanks for the info. Updated

incognitus  -  Oct 07, 2013

You're welcome bud, but its not working, at least for me. No definition whatsoever.

FordLawnmower  -  Oct 09, 2013

@incognitus Can you try testing it from the bot with /slang . This will help narrow the problem.

incognitus  -  Oct 09, 2013

Hey FordLawnmower,

I just tested and nothing shows up. I can activate and deactivate the script but that's it. No definition or any kind of message.

incognitus  -  Oct 13, 2013

Hey FordLawnmower,

I thought it could be OS related, so i tested on other machines and same result. Any ideas? Thanks!

 -  Oct 27, 2013

yea not working here either. no errors or output :/

RicJames  -  Nov 11, 2013

Not working here either. Any chance of an update @FordLawnmower ?

 -  Dec 01, 2013

change line 86
if (

isin %SlangUD) { sockmark $sockname $puttok($sock($sockname).mark,$calc($gettok($sock($sockname).mark,5,32) + 1),5,32) }
if (<a class="index" isin %SlangUD) { sockmark $sockname $puttok($sock($sockname).mark,$calc($gettok($sock($sockname).mark,5,32) + 1),5,32) }
FordLawnmower  -  Dec 01, 2013

I must have forgotten to update this page when I updated the others ;/
It's updated now.

incognitus  -  Dec 01, 2013

Thanks a lot FordLawnmower. Works like a charm as usual. Good job : )

incognitus  -  Jan 11, 2014

Hey FordLawnmower, script seems to be down again. Can you take a look at that please? Thanks ;)

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