Libbard commented on a Page, RSS Feed Reader for eggdrop  -  Jul 02, 2013


Thanks for your work man :)

I tried it and it's work only for .rss addxml

But my Q is:

Can I make a delay between rss message?

When I start the bot it's bring all the news from all rss feed I add.. it's spam really.. I could delay when it's start to bring the news but when it start it won't stop until he bring it all

This script work great for an high up time computer or for a server.. but with my regular computer how disconnect once every day it's spam really :(

If you could make an option to make a delay between rss feed message.. or make the script bring only last 3 rss feed and start bring any new one after that.. it would be greaat

Anyway I must thank you very much for all your work.. I said it and say it again.. you are the master :)



rinzes  -  Jul 02, 2013

This will solve that problem... go here >>

Libbard  -  Jul 02, 2013

Thanks.. I well test it now.. and report the result here :)

again.. thank you rinzes and of course to Tod I thank him :)

Libbard  -  Jul 02, 2013

Works like a charm.. Thank you all :)

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