MoshMage commented on a Page, Simple Calculator  -  Jun 30, 2013

When i coded mirc scripting i always avoided to use modals, windows or dialogs for unnecessary stuff. This is one of them cases where a simple well formatted echo would suffice.

alias calc { if ($1-) echo -ta <Calculator> $1- = $calc($1-) }

Would achieve the exact same effect in less time and less hassle. But hey, To each its own :)

raccoon  -  Aug 13, 2013

I would agree, except that when I'm coding something I often need to refer back to the same values I've previously calculated. Most of the time I'm using this 'calculator' while mIRC is minimized to the tray, so it acts as its own 'app'. I wrote this for convenience and not a shortest-code-possible contest.

MoshMage  -  Aug 13, 2013

Well, It's not like you couldn't add a -s on that echo and echo it back to the status window as well. Still, i see your point. In my case, when i coded ms, I tried to keep my workspace as clean as possible and hence why i fear windows and inputs :)

raccoon  -  Aug 13, 2013

And indeed, check out my other snippets. I rarely use windows and never use dialogs. I'm rather pleased with "/idle" I just posted, just wish it didn't look so damn bloated.

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