RicJames commented on a Page, Twitter Stream  -  Jun 23, 2013

This is double posting again. Also not sure if it's been designed this way or not, but when it's pulling an update from twitter to display to the channel it displays the newest first than the oldest. So for example if USERA posted " Hi how are you" and USERB retweeted it, it would show USERB's message first followed by USERA. Not a big deal but just wanted to make sure it's not a glitch.

FordLawnmower  -  Jul 09, 2013

@RicJames Updated

NitrogenUA  -  Jul 16, 2015

to add to this one. it keeps posting the original tweets of people i'm NOT following once retweeted by the people i do follow. like this http://imgur.com/pw7XsOu - so retweet then original tweet and so on. (ignore the double timestamps)
can i have only the tweets of the people i'm following?

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