PackardBell commented on a Page, Pandoras Talking Bot  -  Jun 09, 2013

Hey. The bot works. But some of the "people" aren't there anymore.
Can someone update the script? [ remove the old ones and add the new ones ]

inb4 = awesome script! @FordLawnmower

PackardBell  -  Jun 12, 2013

ps: how to set a bot on load? [how to make it automaticly load for eg. Alice on start?]

PackardBell  -  Jun 22, 2013

@FordLawnmower can u check on the names+links please? :)

FordLawnmower  -  Jun 22, 2013

If you want me to make some changes here @PackardBell , Take some time and go through the bots and leave a thorough post so I know which bots work and which bots don't work. You may also include any new bots you may find and I can add them as well.

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